What people are saying about Emily...

Your sympathetic approach to our individual back problems and attention to every little change in how we feel makes it a pleasure to come to the class and it has certainly kept my back from seizing up and improved my posture and general well being. The hour goes too quickly and sets me up for whatever the weekend may throw at me!
— Lesley Boyce, Hove (Back care pilates)
I have been learning Pilates with Emily for about 3 years and have found it has greatly improved my general suppleness and made me feel stronger and fitter. I started Pilates because I had recurrent problems with sacro- iliac pain and sciatica, both of which I now rarely experience. I also had stress incontinence, since having children. This too seems to have improved and is no longer a problem. I feel my posture and muscle tone have also improved. Pilates as taught by Emily consists of progressively more challenging exercises which are also gentle and relaxing, always tailored to ensure the safety of all her students, whatever their particular problems or needs. As one of the older people in her class, I appreciate this. I always feel as if I have worked quite hard at the end of a class, but I also feel less stressed and more relaxed. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a Pilates teacher.
— Ann Jones, Brighton (Improver Level with sacroiliac pain and sciatica)
I had been doing Pilates on and off for a number of years when Emily started to teach me one to one classes. My flexibility, ability and enthusiasm have all grown exponentially since I have been training with her. She has an intuitive knowledge of the body and although she comes with a lesson plan meticulously designed to aid progression, she is also excellent at reacting to the needs of my body during our class and will change exercises up and down accordingly. I love the variety of exercises and the wealth of equipment that she incorporates into her classes and I love that I look and feel so much more agile, supple and healthy than I did before training with her.
— Sarah Bennett, Hove
I discovered the back care class, as a result of having treatment on my back at the Acupuncture Clinic; I suffer in my lower back, often going into spasm. The class has been a god send, helping me lead a normal life, easing the tightness felt in my hips, legs and back. The class is a space, where I can be with similar people like myself and learn from each other. More important is our teacher, Emily. She takes the class with such confidence and care. I feel safe and looked after by her. She has this amazing quality of being over the other side of the room, hearing someone make a slight discomfort noise, and she is there, working out an easier way to do the stretch. I recommend the class to anyone who wants to be able to manage their back problems, and feel in control of it.
— Alan Brown, Brighton & Hove (Back care pilates)
Emily provides exactly the right balance of support and encouragement, with the will to challenge and extend your physical fitness. I can say that today I am in the best shape I have been in since my hyper-mobility diagnosis 8 years ago. I highly recommend Emily and her approach to Pilates, and have recommended her to my friends, family and even perfect strangers in the gym! It would not be exaggerating to say that without Emily and her weekly sessions I would not be able to live the life that I do, and complete the physical tasks required of me everyday- she has truly changed my quality of life and my physique in the process.
— Catherine Lido, Hove (Private 1-1/ hyper-mobility condition)
Emily has given me a new lease of life!! She is professional, and absolutely brilliant at teaching Pilates . After having had lower back pain for over 30 years , Emily has taught me 1-1 specific exercises which have strengthened my lower back and enabled me to live a full and active life again. I feel very privileged to have found her.
— Victoria Lehman, Hove
Pilates has been an incredible addition to my life. A year and a half ago I thought I’d do it for a little while to help my back pain but had no idea it would offer so much more than pain relief. I am stronger, more body confident and more peaceful as a result of two hours of calm for myself each week. I cannot imagine a better person to work with than Emily, she is gentle, kind and so body-intelligent it almost seems magical. I’m a convert for life.
— Katie Harvey, Brighton
Attending the Back Care Pilates group has been really beneficial for me. I have long term lower back and hip pain and without a doubt, it is practicing Pilates that has prevented this from getting any worse. As the groups are small, Emily is able to give fantastic individual advice regarding specific Pilates exercises for different clients problems. Emily is great at constantly reminded us of the individual specific muscles that need to be targeted to help improve our posture. The Back Care Pilates group has become an integral part of my daily life.
— Anita O’Shea, Brighton (Back care pilates)
After having played lots of different sport, but predominantly rugby, I came to Pilates relatively late in life and it has been a revelation for me. I have been attending Emily’s classes for about 2 years and the improvement in my flexibility, core strength and overall well-being has been fantastic and has no doubt helped with my other sporting activities. Emily’s classes are well structured and always take into account the different needs of those attending whilst being challenging and interesting. Above all they are fun and invigorating.
— Alan Mcarthy, Hove (Advanced Level)
I attended Emily’s Pregnancy Pilates for both my pregnancies. I wanted to do gentle exercise and stretch my body safely as I felt I had so many points of tension in my body. Emily was amazing and I can honestly say that without her classes I think I would have suffered a lot more during pregnancy. Her classes were so relaxing with a strong focus on breathing and yet I came away feeling like I’d really worked every muscle. My biggest concern at the time was not doing anything too strenuous that might affect my pregnancy and Emily really understood this and worked individually with everyone in the class ensuring they felt comfortable, safe and challenged at a level they were happy with. I cannot recommend Emily highly enough. Not only is she incredibly skilled but she is also a very warm and welcoming teacher. If I could I’d attend her classes every day!
— Lucy Williams, Brighton (Pregnancy Pilates)
I contacted Emily when suffering from an injury, and with only a few weeks to get ready to go back to my job as a physical theatre performer with Cirque du Soleil. I had used PIlates before, so already had faith in how much it can change and improve my body, however was incredibly impressed with Emily’s teaching method and manner. She approached working with me with incredibly individualised care and attention. I always felt safe, but gently challenged, and I have absolutely no doubt that her work with me sped up my healing process. Not only that, but it also took my understanding of Pilates and how I can use it to a new level. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher and practitioner.
— Helen Day, Brighton (Physical Theatre Performer Cirque du Soleil)