What is Pilates? 

The exercise system was originally developed by a German called Joseph H. Pilates who suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever as a child. He grew up determined to strengthen his weak body and as a result developed a series of exercises which is known as ‘Pilates’. 

The Pilates method is a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness, improving and changing the body’s postural alignment habits. Pilates focuses on correct breathing and strengthening deep core stabilising muscles of the lower abdomen and back. The exercises are low impact, toning and stretching all areas of the body, increasing strength and flexibility in all muscles and joints resulting in ease of movement. 

It is this holistic approach that sets Pilates apart from many other forms of exercise. Osteopaths, physiotherapists and general practitioners recommend Pilates as one of the safest forms of exercise today.

Is Pilates suitable for you? 

The wonderful thing about Pilates is that it is suitable for just about everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. It is beneficial for dealing with specific health conditions, injuries and postural problems but is also very effective in injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Pilates is beneficial for: 

· back pain 

· osteoporosis 

· sports injuries 

· osteoarthritis 

· scoliosis 

· hyper-mobility 

· shoulder/neck problems 

· knee injuries 


How can it help? 

Pilates can help with your general fitness, specific health conditions and your overall well-being: 

- Relief from back pain 

- Improved alignment and posture 

- Toned abdomen and body 

- Pelvic and shoulder stability 

- Improved mobility in all joints and the spine 

- Effective injury prevention and post-rehabilitation 

- Improved balance 

- Greater strength and co-ordination 

- Can help alleviate aches and pains 

- More efficient digestion 

- Better circulation and respiratory system 

- Maintains and can increase bone density 

- Enhanced immune system 

- Less stress and tension 

- Look and feel better 

- Integrates mind, body and spirit 

- Improves your well being and quality of life


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In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body
— Joseph H. Pilates